Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power


Class Description


This adult class is an unabridged detailed account of numerous targeted criminal and civil violations conducted in open mass group format during a targeted illegal Masonic Blackball as occurring in "The Kelly Miller Story" outlined in this course.


In addition this class will include inhumane homelessness issues personally experienced in direct retaliation by Ms. Miller.


Ms. Miller is a surviving victim of a violent illegal Masonic Blackball made public by her abusers a group of affluent self entitled élite when Ms. Miller bravely choose to fight back to secure her Justice and their incarceration.


Furthermore this class will include:


* Human Rights violations explained with
instruction on the process to pursue
justice through the federal courts.


* Live discussions and engaging
conversations with instructor in
effective tactics as well as non
effective measures.


* Participants will obtain familiarity
with federal laws including required and
effective court procedures.


* Participants will discuss RICO act
violation experiences as well as review
video and print of Ms. Millers speaking
engagements both national and


* Participants will review actual RICO Act
federal litigation case documents.


* Participants will review official
exhibits and evidence used in federal
litigation cases.


Class Requirements


* 18 and older


* Reading assigned materials


* Active class participation


Class Supplies


* Access to the internet


* Ability to participate in zoom classes



Have you experienced targeted violations you didn't know how to resolve on your own?

This course will provide you insight on procedures to confidently move forward as a Pro se litigate and pursue your justice.

Are you strapped for cash and unable to hire attorney but want justice all the same?

This course will provide you the knowledge and familiarity of court procedures and how to proceed on zero dollars towards your justice.

Do you feel like you are the only one targeted and violated?

This course will introduce you to common practices unaddressed of illegal violations conducted by individuals and/or groups and organizations.

Have you or someone you know experienced targeted violation acts of exploitation and control?

This course will openly discuss "lived" experience of sex trafficking, targeted masonic blackball violations and homelessness issues.

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