How To Become a Professional Entertainer

How To Become a Professional Entertainer


Class Description


Calling ALL aspiring Professional Entertainers! If you’re an aspiring Singer, Dancer, DJ, Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotist, Ventriloquist, Impersonator or the like, this is for YOU!


Jon Wayes is an Award-Winning Entertainer ready to personally consult you to turn your passion into a paying career. You’ll learn how to generate & land 3-4 figure clients year-round (even as an amateur entertainer) like Jon’s been doing since his early 20’s.


Jon has consulted Magicians, Mentalists, DJs, Bands, Singers & Hypnotists for years (both in-person and virtually). Jon’s first mentee earned their first 4-figure client within 90 days and now he wants to help you achieve YOUR entertainment goals 🙂




Monday: 6-7pm
Thursday: 5-6pm EST


Class Requirements


Jon’s BEST students have been:
-Open minded
-Naturally ambitious
-Self motivated
-Action takers


Class Supplies


For Notes: Pen & Paper
For Research: Google & YouTube



Is the price really worth it?

Only if you’re a serious aspiring (or growing) entertainer. You’ll be promptly introduced to the psychology, tools, and tricks of the entertainment industry by someone who’s personally used them to generate 10’s of $1000’s annually. You’ll walk away with immediately applicable information to begin generating yourself 3 & 4-figure prospects year-round. You’ll also learn Jon’s “Rapid ROI” method to quickly recoup your investment.

Has anyone landed a real client with this?

Yes! Jon’s first in-person student (now formally known as Hypnotic D) generated his first $1200 client within 90 days. Since then, Jon’s consulted Hypnotist Chris Jones from America’s Got Talent and numerous smaller entertainers looking to grow including a DJ, a Band, several Magicians and more. Please keep in mind these individuals only succeeded with Jon’s consultations because they took immediate action with what they learned. Your personal ambition, motivation and willingness (or lack their of) to take action on what Jon teaches you will ultimately determine your success.

Is this ALL I need to go pro?

While Jon won’t be helping you build your entire business within 48 hours the way he would with a personalized mentorship, you’ll still learn how to establish your authority, generate prospects, pitch yourself and land 3 to 4-figure contracts on your own as a beginner. While the client-generating tools you’ll learn about require their own (much smaller) investment, they’ll help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time & pay for themselves!

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