Holistic Wellness to Feel Great!

Holistic Wellness to Feel Great!


Class Description


What is wellness? It is the integration of your whole mind, body, energy system – the whole "you." And from this strong foundation your inner engine fires up and moves you forward effectively.


Are you ready and wanting to feel better in your daily life, but not sure what to do or how to start? I’m here to help you!


I’ve been coaching wellness clients from all walks of life since 2012. I am a resource to support you in your journey to help you be strengthened, renewed, and ready for the great things ahead. This class is fun and informative, let’s discuss the practical points of how to feel your best!


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Notepad and pen, or tablet/device to take notes.



Is wellness the same thing as medicine?

By definition, the answer is no. Wellness is about understanding the whole bio-system of your body, that’s why we often say "holistic" when we talk about wellness. Holistic wellness encompasses ancient wisdom about the human bio-system, such as acupuncture, medicinal use of herbs and plants, and modern technologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and neuro linguistic programming. Homeopathy and "alternative" medicine include the study of wellness. Legally, most wellness practices are not considered as medicine in America. Over time, more and more wellness techniques are being recognized by medical professionals as effective in alleviating and treating various symptoms and sicknesses.


In contrast, modern medicine, also known as "Western" or "allopathic" medicine, is designed to treat acute conditions such as broken bones, bleeding wounds, surgeries, and ailments of specific regions of the body. Modern medicine also includes modern pharmacology and medical devices has provided us with life-saving innovations such antibiotic pills and pacemakers and stints for hearts. While modern medicine is very effective in treating some sicknesses, it fails in other ways, particularly regarding pain management and many long-term problem conditions.


A reasonable conclusion can be made that wellness and modern medicine are best when they work together. An example of this is praying or meditating with patients during difficult surgery recoveries, or providing women in labor with doulas and midwives. Year over year, more and more statistics support a blend of modern medicine and wellness for best health results.

Can mental health be helped with wellness?

Absolutely yes! This is a key point we will discuss in class.

Can physical health or even weight loss be helped with wellness?

Yes! This is a key point we will discuss in class.

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