Hindi as a second language

Hindi as a second language

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Class Description


India is a beautiful country that is rich with tradition. Hindi is the national language of India and in this class we will study that language and learn how to read, write, understand, and speak with confidence.


Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, second only to Mandarin Chinese. Learning this language will help you to be able to communicate with nearly 400 million more people. Imagine the possibilities!


We will also cover cultural points in each lesson to help you to better understand the rich traditions that I mentioned earlier. There will even be guest speakers from India that will join on a regular basis to discuss cultural topics and provide practice sessions with a native speaker.


So…if you have always wanted to learn a new language but are looking for something a little different, if you love Bollywood movies and music, if the local Indian restaurant knows your order as soon as they see your name on the caller ID, or if you just want to have better insight into Indian culture and the Hindi language, then this is the class for you.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I hope to see you soon!


Class Requirements


Willingness and desire to learn the language that will open up a world of opportunities to you.


Class Supplies


Seeing eyes
Listening ears
Pen and paper preferred, but not quite as important as the first two. 😉



Is this class for beginners or more advanced learners?

This class is just right for absolutely anybody that wants to learn Hindi! I evaluate each student personally and tailor the lesson plan to the needs of my students. While I do have a general course outline and curriculum in place, I truly believe that there is never a "one size fits all" solution to language learning and I adapt my lesson plans and courses accordingly.

But...you're not Indian, why are YOU teaching Hindi classes?

That is a legitimate question and I appreciate your concerns. I have been learning Hindi for close to 10 years now and have already taught Hindi to many others. I believe that I offer a unique insight into the language and learning process that a native speaker simply does not normally share. I’ve picked up many tips and tricks along the way that have helped me personally and I am eager to share those with you. I can anticipate what questions will arise next because I’ve been there and asked the same questions myself. I also have a strong grasp on Hindi grammar and rules. You will not hear, "That’s how it’s said, just because that’s how it’s said" in my class. There are reasons behind everything and I love figuring out those reasons and sharing my findings with others. I am a true grammar geek with every language. Each language is like a puzzle and I’ve been working on the puzzle that is Hindi for a while now and I want to show you how the pieces fit together.

Do you take suggestions for class materials or help us with personal projects that are related to Hindi or India?

For sure! I love to hear my students’ suggestions and to know more about personal projects and help in anyway that I can. Remember, this is YOUR class and YOUR journey. I’m just here to help the ride go a little more smoothly. I will have a plan for each and every week and lesson but I am open to suggestions because you, the student, know best what you need and I am willing to work with you on that in any way that I possibly can.

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