Healing your Heart with Art

Healing your Heart with Art

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Class Description


Based on the book, The Powers of the Right Brain, this innovative class encourages you to have fun while you tap into your reservoirs of inner joy. Guided by noted local artist and author, Mary Krigbaum, you will learn how to allow your inner child to play while you create a beautiful project to display in your home. This workshop gives you the fundamentals of how the process works. No painting experience necessary.


Class Requirements


Be willing to think outside the box.


Class Supplies


Any painting medium of your choice. Acrylic, oil, water color.
Water based oils. As they blend easily.
Colors you enjoy.
Canvas: any size of your choice.
Brushes: Synthetic.
Paper palette.
Bucket for water.
Rag or paper towels.
Table easel for large canvas.



What is Healing your Heart with Art?

It’s a willingness to paint with your non dominant hand. Painting with your left hand taps into that creative side of your right brain. The picture for this class was painted with my left hand very early in the process.

What if I don't know how to paint?

This class requires no previous painting skills. It’s about allowing your inner child to come out and play. Creating beautiful things that are stored in your heart.

Does it work if you left hand is retarded?

If you can hold a brush and make some sort of marks on the canvas it will work.

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