Guitar-Take it to the Next Level

Guitar-Take it to the Next Level

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Class Description


Have you reached a point in your guitar playing where you wonder what’s next? In this class we will learn different concepts to expand knowledge and musicality which can be applied to the guitar. Some of the topics covered will be better technique, fretboard knowledge, chords, scales, arpeggios and general music theory. We will also looks at different styles, songs and artists to see how various ideas are used in the real world of music.


Class Requirements


-Intermediate to advanced level
-ability to read tablature and chord charts


Class Supplies


Any guitar will be fine.



Do I need to be able to read music for this class?

No, but experience with Tab is helpful

What are some of the basics I should already know to take this class?

If you are already familiar with open and barre
chords, some scales and songs, you would benefit from this class.

I consider myself somewhat advanced but have holes in my knowledge and ability. Can I benefit from this class?

Yes, much of the material will beneficial for
more advanced players as well.