Spiritual Peace

Spiritual Peace

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Class Description


Spiritual Peace is a combination of online, virtual meditation, topic presentation, and spiritual discussion.


We start each class with a 30 minute meditation.


Next, I will give an introduction into the days topic and then we will openly discuss the topic as it applies to each of our lives.


The goal is to grow spiritually and to support each others’ growth.


Topics of discussion will be the nature of ego, eliminating anger from your life, the effects of hate and unforgiveness, faith and trust, how to rid yourself of the need to have everyone approve of you, how to eliminate the need to be right all the time, overcoming loneliness, accepting the present situation, the nature of true love, the issue of free will, the nature of good and bad or evil, the nature of special relationships, overcoming fear, signs of an emotionally evolved person, the relationship between mind, body and spirit, gratitude, guilt, loss and death, training your mind to be calm in every situation, how to find and nurture inner peace, how to develop patience, eliminating the need for revenge, and how to accept others as they are, as well as many other life topics.


Class Requirements


A note pad and pen to take notes


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