Eating for Weight Loss, Energy and Immunity

Eating for Weight Loss, Energy and Immunity

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Are you confused about what foods to eat, what is truly healthy and how to lose weight without being hungry all the time?
With so much conflicting information out there, it can be really challenging to weed through all of the misinformation. In this four week course, Holly compares and contrasts today’s most popular diets while teaching you how to eat the best foods for your unique body type. Lifestyle practices and exercise forms that are most conducive to your unique body type are also determined. In addition, Holly exposes deceptive food marketing and exposes so called "healthy" foods and explains why they indeed may not be the best choices. This course helps you map out a customized body specific meal plan and also teaches you how to prepare meals with appropriate macro and micronutrients for your body type that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Challenges faced along the way will be addressed in each week’s class to help you motivate and stay on track. Get ready for an eye opening, deep dive into creating a healthy lifestyle where you can receive the incredible benefits of increased energy and immunity, ideal weight and better health for life.


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