Dungeons & Dragons individual Tutoring

Dungeons & Dragons individual Tutoring

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Class Description


Have you ever wanted to try out Dungeons & Dragons? But you aren’t quite sure how to begin? Or maybe you were thinking about running a game for your friends and are worried you don’t have what it takes?


In this class, I will help you out on a one-on-one basis. any of your particular questions that you may have, can be focused on here. This can be as general or in depth as you need it to be.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


you will need 4 six-sided dice or at least access to an online dice rolling app.


a blank character sheet to fill out for Dungeons & Dragon (5th edition) this can be found online


optional: access to a Dungeons & Dragon players handbook (5th edition) is not required, but it will make it way easier to follow along. If you can’t afford a copy, there are free pdf options online.


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