Black and White to Color, Charcoal to Paint

Black and White to Color, Charcoal to Paint


Class Description


We will work side by side in a casual studio atmosphere.The class takes 2 hours and meets once a week . The course runs for 8 weeks. We will start working from a live still life model in charcoal for the first 4 weeks. From studying the still life all other lessons can be taught. The student will learn about tonal shifts and how to create volume ,atmosphere and light. The student will become versed in the simple methods of seeing color in black and white. The course will then proceed for another 4 weeks again meeting once a week this time working in acrylic paint where we employ in color what was learned in black and white.“ There are no color problems only value problems in disguise”. In paint again we will work from still life.After the eight weeks course is completed the student will have the option to repeat the course as it’s always different. Or join me for a Paint and Sip evening.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Charcoal paper (it is important to get the right paper not drawing or multimedia and a good size 12”/16” and up)
Soft vine charcoal
Soft compressed charcoal
Kneaded erasure,
Vinyl erasure
Soft charcoal pencil
Canvas size ( 12”/16” and up ,board or paper works too)
Acrylic paint (In paint you get what you pay for)
Red ,yellow ,blue, (cobalt hue) black, and white (you can expand into other colors but this is the learner set).
Brushes : medium round brush ,medium filbert brush like a spatula ,large square brush *(Optional, tiny round brush for signing and details again with brushes you get what you pay for. If you plan to work big use large brush if you plan to work small smaller brushes, we will discuss in class)
Rags ; old tee shirt or paper towels is fine long as your cloth is absorbent and not linty.)
Palette can be any flat plastic container or paper plate (keep eye out when you throw out that plastic cookie protector. Makes a great pallet.)
Cup for water
Easel * optional


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