Dream Art Workshop

Dream Art Workshop


Class Description


Learn art techniques that use your right brain and tap into dream-like states of the mind to fuel your art process.
Hill will discuss the steps she takes to turn her vivid dreams and meditative visions into realized paintings.
Good for beginners and advanced artists alike who want to loosen up and find their intuitive style.


We will discuss methods of enhancing sleeping dreams, attaining dream like waking states, and dream recall and of course make art!


This two hour workshop will be hosted once monthly.


Class Requirements


Quiet space to work and reflect, open mind and curious spirit.


Class Supplies


Journal or paper
Pen and/or pencil
Optional: art materials of your choice- for example magazine collage, paints, colored pencils.



Do I need art experience for this class?

This class accepts all levels of art experience. Come play!

No Schedules Currently Available.