Creative Guitar

Creative Guitar

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Class Description


This class teaches the fundamentals of the creative approach to guitar in a fun and intuitive way that involves playing more than studying.


Class Requirements


An open and attentive mind, ready to learn and grow.


Class Supplies


A six string guitar, tuner, and a comfortable seat



What does creative guitar mean

The creative approach to guitar utilizes more active and intuitive playing rather than relying on theory in the moment of playing. It taps into the soul of the person playing rather than the mind looking for what scale to play.

What if I know nothing about music?

You do not need to know a single thing about music to play music. In this class, we will bring you up to speed on the basics rather quickly so that more time is spent having fun and being creative on the instrument

What if I lose interest halfway through?

Through the lessons I will engage with the student to assess his or her interest level with each lesson. If there is something about learning that is difficult, we will solve it in the moment to decide if wether this is the right material for the lesson.