Basic Computing: Connecting the 0s and 1s

Basic Computing: Connecting the 0s and 1s

Class Description


There’s so much alphabet in the soup but what does it all mean? That’s where this class comes in!


This introduction to computing is for the technologically "impaired", the Old Dog seeking new tricks, or just anyone who’s been daunted by the computing realm and wants to keep in touch with family, friends, and grandkids. We’ll start with the firsts nad foremosts, get you comfortable with the everyday lingo, and get you clicking away before you know it!


Class Requirements


It is highly preferred you have your own laptop or desktop for this class to follow along! Windows PC highly preferred.


Class Supplies


Own computing device (optional but highly preferred)



What if I'm a slow learner?

I have a lot of patience when it comes to this but if you find you’re *really* struggling we can possibly find some one-on-one tutoring time or another way to explain it that will help!

I'd like to learn but.. I'll have a lot of silly questions

This is a new skill and language for so many, especially in the older generations! It took me time to learn to walk and talk and this is just another language for us to learn to speak together. Computers might seem really smart, but they’re pretty literal, limited thinkers! The only silly question is "do you want a ticket?"

Is this class senior-friendly?

Absolutely! I would love to see some grandparents eager to pick up something to help keep their minds fresh and keep in contact with the family!

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