Computer Basics with An IT Engineer

Computer Basics with An IT Engineer

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Class Description


During my journey as an IT Engineer, I have educated youth and adults in technology, provided technical support, prevented large technical disasters for clients, and more!


Whether you’re new to using computers, want a refresher, or update your skills, you’ve come to the right place!


We are here to have fun, grow, and get more familiar with some of the technology around us!


Below are some of the topics we will dive into:
Sections 1: The Friendly Introduction.
Section 2: Hardware Explained.
Section 3: Software Explained.
Section 4: Let’s Use A Computer.
Section 5: Let’s Go On The Internet.
Section 6: Staying Safe and Maintaining The Computer.
And more!


My goal is to get you comfortable using technology to better your day-to-day tasks, level up on skills, connect with loved ones and so much more!


Class Requirements


Come with an open mind, prepared to ask questions, and ready to take notes!


Class Supplies


Anything to take notes!



How long have you been in IT(Information technology)?

Since May 2011!

I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable but have holes in my knowledge and ability. Can I benefit from this class?

Yes, much of the material will beneficial for most people. Plus, you will be able to ask me specific technology questions!

Who is this class for?

Anyone looking to learn computer basics for the first time, anyone looking for a refresher, and even those looking to have specific tech questions answered!