Character Design

Character Design


Class Description


This character design class is for all levels of artists. We will begin with the fundamentals like basic anatomy, learn how to flesh out a character’s story and personality, and put our character into a scene.


The goal for this class is to provide a creative space for students to learn tools to create a diverse range of characters for any project.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Pencil – Mechanical or No. 2


Eraser – prismacolor white eraser is reccomended, but a regular one will work. It is best to have a big eraser separate from your pencil.


Sketchbook – 8×11 inch paper, or larger


Pen – Not required, but highly recommended. I use black Micron Pens, multiple sizes. You’ll get a feel for which thickness you prefer.



Can I take this class with just a pencil and paper?



I recommend getting as many of the supplies as you can; the quality of your tools will improve the quality of your work.

Where can I use the characters we will design?

The characters we design can be used in comic strips, children’s books, as Dungeons & Dragon character references, and more!

Why do you ask for a whole sketchbook?

We will start from the basics, and you can apply all of our tools at your own pace. Drawing just 10 minutes every day will drastically improve your familiarity and drawing skill.
No matter what level you are at, beginner or advanced, you can use your sketchbook to try new things, practice fundamentals, and help yourself out of a creative plateau.

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