Live Online Calculus 3 Course

Live Online Calculus 3 Course

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Class Description


Students will learn the concepts of multivariable calculus.


Below are the topics covered in this class in order:
1. 3D Coordinate system, vectors, dot product & cross product.
2. Vector projections, lines in space, planes in space, and quadric surfaces.
3. Vector functions and curves, Derivatives, and integrals of vector functions & curvature.
4. Normal and binormal vectors, normal plane, velocity, speed, and acceleration.
5. Multi-variable functions, Partial Derivatives, Tangent Planes, Differentials, and Optimization.
6. Double integrals over rectangles and general regions.
7. Polar coordinates, double integrals in polar coordinates, and mass and center of mass problems.
8. Taylor Series


Class Requirements


Calculus 1 and Calculus 2


You should have strong knowledge of the derivative function, integration, and both of their various applications and problem-solving techniques.


Class Supplies


You only need note-taking supplies and a calculator


For additional resources you can look at the following resources:


Textbook (optional): Multivariable Calculus, by James Stewart, 8th Edition


Paul’s Online Math Notes Website:



Do I need any supplies or textbooks?

You will just need note-taking materials and a calculator

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