Live Online – Calculus 1 Course

Live Online – Calculus 1 Course

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Class Description


Students will learn the concepts of calculus with an emphasis on problem-solving.


Below are the topics covered in this class in order:
1. Tangents to circles, tangents and velocity, parametric equations.
2. Limits, Calculating Limits & Continuity
3. Asymptotes & Derivatives
4. Derivative function, Derivative Rules & Trig Derivatives.
5. Chain Rule & Derivatives on Parameterized curves
6. Implicit Differentiation, Logarithmic Differentiation & Related Rates
7. Linear Approximation & Basic Min & Max
8. Derivatives and Shape of a curve
9. L’Hopital’s Rule & Curve Sketching
10. Optimization


Class Requirements


High school math or my Pre-Calculus class


You should have strong knowledge of trigonometry, circles, functions, geometry, graphs, and other topics you would learn in high school


Class Supplies


You only need note-taking supplies and a calculator


For additional resources you can look at the following resources:


Textbook (optional): Calculus, 8th Edition, Early Transcendentals" by Stewart


Paul’s Online Math Notes Website:



Do I need any supplies or textbooks?

You will just need note-taking materials and a calculator

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