Beginning Piano A

Beginning Piano A

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Class Description


A series of 4 lessons designed for the absolute beginner. You will learn the fundamentals of how to play piano – including how to read music, proper technique at the keyboard, ear training and rhythm. You will learn to play some familiar tunes. And, of course, there will be some fun and games 🙂 After completing Beginning Piano A, you will be eligible to sign up for Beginning Piano B.


Class Requirements


A desire to learn. Ideally, a commitment to practicing between lessons as well.


Class Supplies


1) One of the following: an acoustic piano OR an electronic keyboard with weighted keys & a pedal (best model is 88 key Yamaha Clavinova) OR any 76 or 88 key keyboard that has a built-in music stand and pedal. Make sure that your keyboard can be seen & heard clearly over the zoom session.


2) Access to a printer to download the written materials. Ability to download mp3s and listen to them while at the piano.


3) A 3-ring binder for the downloaded materials – it’s best to print out the pdfs rather than reading them off a tablet since you will need to mark them up at times.


4) A sharp #2 pencil with a good eraser.



Is it necessary to practice between classes?

Think of the old adage: you get out of it what you put into it. However, if you choose to attend and participate at the sessions without practicing, you will still learn a lot in this class.

What if I don't have a keyboard?

You can search for a rental from your local music store or borrow one. You can always purchase one to own later.

Is 4 weeks enough time to learn to play the piano?

Four weeks will get you started. The first 4 weeks are Beginning Piano A. If you enjoy this course, you can continue your studies by signing up for Beginning Piano B (to be offered in the near future) which builds on what was previously learned.

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