Beginning Heels Dance

Beginning Heels Dance

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Class Description


Have you wanted to try heels dance but feel intimidated by others in the dance studio? Come take Beginning Heels Dance! We are all about learning and having fun without the pressure of feeling the need to be the best in class. This class begins with a nice warm-up to get our bodies warm and ready to move, followed by basic exercises (learning to walk, balance, and feel comfortable in heels and confident in dancing, etc.), and ending with learning a fun choreography, using what we learned. Come take this class and let’s have some fun! 😀


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


1.) Dance space
2.) Any pair of heels
3.) Knee pads (recommended. There will be some of floorwork)
4.) Water



Do I need to be an advance dancer to take this class?

No, it is all about learning and having fun. We will break down the foundations of dancing in heels and learn a beginning and fun choreography.

What will I learn in this class?

In this class, we will learn the foundations of heels dancing such as walking, balancing, and be comfortable and confident in heels.

Is dancing in heels required?

While we cover the basics of heels dancing, heels are not required to learn the choreography if you do not feel ready to dance in heels just yet.

What kind of heels should I bring to class?

Any size and type of heels will do, as long as you are comfortable. It can be a small kitty heel to stilettos.

What should I wear?

Anything that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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