Basic Bicycle Maintenance with A Biker

Basic Bicycle Maintenance with A Biker

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Class Description


My two wheeler is my main means of transportation which takes me on some amazing adventures since I was a teen year-round!


In this class, we will not be diving into the mechanics of bicycles but going through how to do minor repairs and maintaining your bike so you can continue to ride!


Whether you’re a new biker, want a refresher, or update your skills, I’m here to help!


We are here to have fun, grow, and get more familiar with our two-wheelers!


My goal is for you to be able to take care of you’re two-wheeler or anyone else’s!


Class Requirements


Just yourself and ready to take notes! You’re bicycle is optional.


Class Supplies


Anything to take notes! You’re bicycle is optional.



How long have you been biking?

Since 2006 year-round.

I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable but have holes in my knowledge and ability. Can I benefit from this class?

Yes, much of the material will beneficial for most people from my personal experience. Plus, you will be able to ask me specific technology questions!

Who is this class for?

Anyone looking to learn bicycle maintenancee for the first time, anyone looking for a refresher, and even those looking to have specific tech questions answered!