Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic

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Class Description


Is learning Adobe Lightroom Classic confusing and overwhelming? Using ZOOM, I can teach you the basics in just a few hours! In this online virtual class:
Learn just the essentials:


To get started, you don’t need to know every single thing Lightroom Classic can do. It would be overwhelming! Instead you’ll learn only the essentials you need to get started and no more.
Learn the basics in just 3 hours!


My training is tailored to your needs and will get you up and running in no time! Learn the power of this amazing image processing program!
It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!


Knowledge is Power and Less is More. By learning just the basics and what you need to know, you will learn quickly how to organize your images and process them to another level in your creative workflow.


My Adobe Lightroom Classic instruction will teach you how to:

Navigate the Lightroom Interface
Use catalogs, folders and collections
Import your existing photos into the library
Import new photos into the library
Backup your photos
Sort and rate your photos
Use the develop module to process your photos
Use keywords and metadata
Organize your photos into collections
Export your photos


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Do I need to have Adobe Lightroom Classic downloaded to my computer?

No. You can just follow along as I teach you Adobe Lightroom Classic using Zoom to share my computer screen.

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