Action Sports Photography

Action Sports Photography

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Class Description


Action Sports are more popular than ever and only growing. If you enjoy any of the genres of action sports, you understand the role that photography plays. Many of these sports came to be through magazines showing the gnarliest and most awe-inspiring images they could muster.


And if you’re like me, these images fascinate you.


In this class, you will learn how to make amazing art from action sports. From skateboarding to BMX. Rock climbing to world class professional surfing on the North Shore of Oahu, come get a glimpse into a variety of action sports and how to best capture "The Moment" unique to each.


Class Requirements


Interest in photography and/or action sports.


Class Supplies


Camera with manual exposure settings (Required)


DSLR or Mirrorless Camera (Preferred)


Computer with photo editing software (Required)



Do I need a professional camera setup to take this course?

No, certainly not. Any camera that has manual exposure settings will work. However, I’ve listed my equipment below to give you an idea of the what I use. Please, do not let this list intimidate you. I’ve been shooting portraiture, weddings, and sports for over a decade so this is definitely overkill for what you need to get started, but I do want to show you what is possible when we combine dramatic lighting and action photography. So, during the class, I will use each of these pieces of equipment.


Should you have any questions about purchasing equipment for action sports photography, feel free to reach out to me any time.


My Gear List:
Nikon D3 & D7000 DSLR bodies
Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 Wide Angle Telephoto lens
Sigma 12-24mm f3.4-5.6 Fisheye lens
Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8 Telephoto lens
Kenko 2X Teleconverter
2 Nikon SB-900 External Flashes
Pixel King Wireless Flash Transmitter
2 Pixel King Wireless Flash Transceivers
Collapsible light reflection disk
2 Collapsible 64" light stands

What software will I need for editing my photos?

Personally, I use Adobe Lightroom and Affinity Photo the most for editing. My exposure adjustments are done in Lightroom so I recommend that program specifically. If you do not have Lightroom, there are also free programs available such as Photoscape and GIMP.


We will also be using Affinity Photo to show you how to create action composites and sequence layouts. But the same can be done with Adobe Photoshop and even some free programs such as GIMP or Krita that are available online.

Are there assignments in this class?

Yes, each section features at least one assignment, there are quarterly photo critiques, and one final project.


Each assignment is an opportunity to receive feedback in your understanding of various parts of the course, or even to your images themselves.


In your final project, you will submit a photo essay containing 10 to 15 images using what you have learned in this course.

What can we expect from this class?

This course is a combination of live instruction, material study, and video segments that I call "Sessions".


Live instruction provides the student with an opportunity to engage in detailed discussion on a multitude of topics all focused on action sports photography. With live instruction, the student has a chance to ask questions and receive feedback instantaneously in a video classroom setting via Zoom.


Material study allows the student time to process certain aspects of photography in their own way. Throughout the course you will be provided with links to read, usually accompanied by an assignment. The goal for each link and assignment is to help the student establish greater understanding for different aspects of photography and to take time to reflect on what these concepts could bring to their own work.


"Sessions" are videos provided throughout the course where the student can follow me into the field and get insight into what a photoshoot is like inside my own head. There will also be sessions focused on what my post-processing is like and even a detailed look into what gear I use.


In addition to the curriculum, you will have access to my greatest asset, my brain. If you ask me, a photographer is their own best tool. Your brain is the sharpest blade in your drawer. How you see the world and moments happening in it is unique to you. That is a power that you will learn to master over time. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I have been shooting professionally for over a decade now and through this class you gain access to my knowledge, experiences, and opinions on anything and everything photography or sports that you can think of. I love talking photos and I love talking sports, especially skating, so reach out anytime!