Acting – Character Development and Creation

Acting – Character Development and Creation

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Class Description


In this course the participants learn different tools for creating an original character for stage or screen.


Some areas we will dive in to:


Physicality – experimenting with altering one’s own physicality inspired by elements and images in order to find the character’s way of moving and doing tasks.


Rhythm – Exploring the characters physical and internal rhythm.


Place – Where do we find the character and what is the environment around them like? What is their world? Participants will use things they have at home.

Mind – Getting to know the characters mind and thinking patterns though writing exercises.

Voice – Introducing the characters voice using material from the writing exercises and found text.


Appearance – Finding how the character dresses itself. Participants will use whatever they have at home to get creative with.


Creating a solo – Participants will use all the information gained from exploring the different tools, to create a short solo that can be repeated incorporating movement, text, costume and a sense of place. We will share these with the rest of the group. We will aim for something between 3-7min.


Class Requirements


Some space to move around in


Class Supplies


Notebook and pen
Costume and props (you can use things you already have at home).



Do I need acting experience to take this class?

No, all levels are welcome. All I ask is that you bring an open mind and willingness to explore and learn.