Acrylic Painting – DOs & DONTs

Acrylic Painting – DOs & DONTs

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Class Description


Since my art career I have experienced many do(s) and dont(s) when it comes to using acrylic paints. In those valuable experiences the time saved and the outcome of my paintings have become priceless. In this class, I will share with you some of these treasured experiences with my hopes you can retain and utilize in your artistic careers and maybe even share them with your artist friends as well. This class is more informative, we’ll work through some of the do(s) and dont(s) so that you will gain more of the physical understanding. Feel free to take any notes and paint along as we cover some of the steps!


Let’s get started!


Class Requirements


A quiet area with no distractions with a desk
or table to sit at.


Class Supplies


◘ Painting palette
(styrofoam plate
is acceptable)
◘ Acrylic Paints
Colors: Your choosing of
3 colors (exception of white, black, yellow or gray)
◘ 2 Cups or bucket
with water added
◘ Brush:
(1) Flat 1 inch
(1) Flat 1/2 inch
(1) #1 Liner
◘ Paper towels
◘ Artist smock
◘ Table with chair or stool
◘ 3 sheets of Blank
white paper.
◘ Notepad/pen (optional)


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