6 Simple Steps To Train, Engage & Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!

6 Simple Steps To Train, Engage & Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!

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Class Description


Hello! and Welcome to The Science of Achieving Six Figures From The Stage Public Speaking and Training Program. Imagine yourself standing in the penthouse suite at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert California. You just finished taking a shower are now getting dressed and are looking at yourself in the full length mirror. As you see yourself frantically or fantastically dressed and ready for your first BIG seminar/workshop you ask yourself the million dollar or even billion dollar question who are you? At first you have a response right back thinking that this is easy, then you stop on reflect on what this day really means to you. This day is no longer about you. This day of training will enhance people’s lives and give them hope so that they can reach and live their dreams. Your mission is clear. No longer is that event about you, it is about them, the participants the ones whose lives will be forever changed today. As you were meditating on this, your staff knocks at the door and tell you that it is time to go downstairs as your assistant trainer is almost done warming up the participants for your arrival. As your trainers assistant is briefing you on last minute details and logistics, you give him or her the final notes and changes to the day and wait for the signal. As your body reaches for the door and open the doors to the magnificent ballroom , you feel butterflies in your stomach and thank you are going to throw up, before you can do you hear the clapping of the more than 1,000 people who are anxiously awaiting you and the content you’re going to deliver to them. Upon stepping into the ballroom you feel the energy that is present in the room and you know that this crowd of participants is going to love the information you’re going to share with them. Now you feel ready and in line with your higher self, now you are confident, now you are ready to change their lives. As you turn the corner to go down the right side of the stage, you hear your assistant trainers voice say ladies and gentleman please give your attention to our elite transformational master trainer… “your name goes here”. You are on stage in front of one to ten thousand people. You have completed the introduction and then it comes time to introduce yourself to the room of eager participants. Notice what is going through your mind right now: why would they want to listen to me in the first place? What do I have to say that is so special that they will hang on my every word for the next three days? How will I feel if they reject me? I can already hear them laughing when I tell them who I am? What??? If you’ve ever felt like this when you got on your first stage it’s time for you to learn how to generate six figure results from the stage by using six simple steps that allow you to Train, Engage, & Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!


In This Action Packed Six Week Course and Program You Will Discover:


-Explosive Training Secrets that guarantee Six Figure Results From ANY Stage.


-How To Eliminate Your Fears of Public Speaking and Create Confidence in Yourself On and Off The Stage.


-How Using the RIGHT Engagement Tools will Help your Students to Process and Understand Your Information better.


-Why 99% of Speakers are Horrible At Presenting


-How To Change Your Results From The Stage Effortlessly


-How to Simplify, Simplify, Simplify, your content.


-How To Train, Engage, and Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!


-and Much, Much, More….


Class Requirements


Must have a white hot burning desire to help others. Must be Trainable, Coachable, Engaging, and Willing to put in the Effort both in the Classroom and also the Homework as well.


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