Zoom 202 – Deeper Dive into Zoom for Presenters

Zoom 202 – Deeper Dive into Zoom for Presenters

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Class Description


Zoom 202 Deeper Dive into Zoom for Presenters
By the end of this session users will be able to:
– Learn tools and best practices for engaging with participants (including setting up ground rules, polls, breakouts, file transfer and some external tools)
– Review the scheduling function for meetings, go over common meeting settings, and considerations for those settings
– Get a deeper dive into designing and delivering your presentation for Zoom (includes a simple Google Slides / PowerPoint Template that you can customize for your experience)
– Review how to record for post session delivery of videos / edit for review
– Have open question and answers between sections and share our experiences across industries


Class Requirements


Current version of Zoom on Laptop: https://zoom.us/download


Class Supplies


Laptop with Internet Connection and Zoom App


Questions about the class…

Who should take this class, what is different from the Zoom 101 session?

This class is a deeper dive into Zoom tools, it is for people that will regularly host their own sessions, and is focused on creating the best experience for your clients, friends, and family.

What additional value is included in this course?

The course will include a follow-up video covering some of the content delivered live, so you may refer to later. This course will also have a professionally designed 6-10 slide presentation template that you may use for your own presentations.

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