Beginning French (Learn French from A to Z)

Beginning French (Learn French from A to Z)

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Class Description


French is a sweet and delicate language. If you enjoy listening to people speaking French, you will love to speak it yourself!
You will be able to understand French and communicate in French at the end of this class. It will be very informative and full of fun. You will also get a lot of information about the French culture and heritage. We will be learning with cool videos and exercises, so it is going to be an engaging and entertaining class too.
What I want from you is to give me your attention and enjoy learning this beautiful language.
We will start off by the basics: Beginner level (French pronunciation, French pronouns, French greetings, introductions, initial conversation) all the way to Advanced level (French comprehension, French Grammar, etc..)
And we can also have sessions for Proficient Level (Fluent Level) to whoever might like in the future.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


A paper and a pencil.



Can I attend this class if I have no clue of the French language?

Yes of course! This class is made for beginners, and I will be more than happy to teach you this language from the very beginning.

Can I attend your class if I know some French but want to master the language?

Yes for sure! The fluency level will get higher in our sessions as we go along, therefore at the end of this class, your level in French will get even better!

Will I able to communicate in French after this class?

After finishing the sessions in this class, I can assure you that you will be able to communicate and understand the basics in the French language!

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