The Yorkie Yogi

The Yorkie Yogi

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Class Description


Learn the basics of moving through fun yoga sequences, holding yoga asanas, as well as some added acro-asana instruction for you AND your fur baby.


Class Requirements


– Class is 1 hour
– First 15 minutes: introductions, opening reflections, intentions, and getting you and your doggy comfy.
– Next, 20 minute flow: 10 minutes targeting one side of the body (right or left), followed by 10 minutes on the other side. This flow will include the traditional elements of Salutations A & B, with some added movements, keeping things interesting…
– Next, 10 minute recap flow: a slightly quicker, more exercise-oriented flow, aimed at the poses and sequences you already learned, with the goal of achieving cardiovascular conditioning. At the end of this class segment, we will learn an acro-pose for you and your dog.
– Last 15 minutes: winding it down, we will get ready for Shavasana, finding a comfortable pose to end, preparing to meditate on intentions, as well as the day ahead of us, with positivity and love.


Class Supplies


You, light/stretchy/comfy clothing, yoga mat or other supportive surface space, water, your attention, a small notebook or journal, and of course – your best friend. #woof



What if my dog does not want to participate?

That is totally fine because this is a full yoga class anyways… You will have plenty to focus on, with some promising bonding time with your dog as a possibility. I call this class Yorkies & Yoga because I have a vision. It is my dream to be surrounded by an abundance of yorkies while I practice yoga… If I could teach a class and yorkie-owners fro far and wide would come, with their yorkie, my life would be complete. lol!

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