Writing Your Way to the Top of Online Search Rankings in Your Region (for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners)

Writing Your Way to the Top of Online Search Rankings in Your Region (for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners)

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Class Description


Section 1: The Easiest Way to Learn SEO Writing


Section 2: The Easiest Way to Learn How to Interview People for Articles and Stories


Section 3: Finding a Passionate Business Owner


Section 4: Finding the Correct Keywords for That Particular Business Owner


Section 5: Using the Right Platform for Publishing the SEO Articles and Stories


Section 6: Scheduling Interviews With the Business Owner for Stories


Section 7: Explaining the Importance of Consistency to the Business Owner & Setting Your Monthly Prices for SEO Writing/Editing


Section 8: Keeping the Business Owner Informed About Their Google Rankings


Section 9: Showing the Business Owner How to Consistently Update Their Google Profile


Section 10: Showing the Business Owner How to Share Their SEO Interview Stories Properly Over Social Media


Class Requirements


Normally, a writer, journalism student, business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to write search engine optimized (SEO) stories and articles to rise on online search rankings would love to take this course.
But, any individual with, say, a unique product they want to market, or maybe someone looking to promote a nonprofit organization – if you are interested in making your written content about that business/product/organization pleasurable (worthy of being ranked higher in search results over the next weeks and months) in the eyes of Google, and also fun-to-read with potential to be published in journals related to your trade/hobby/organization/occupation, then you’d truly enjoy the immediately usable training this class provides at its completion!


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Class Supplies


A laptop, a sound recording app (on a smartphone or the computer) or some way to record the lesson that works for you, wifi connection, a quiet background, and a passion to become an outstanding SEO (search engine optimized) Writer/Editor for your business!


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