Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Wing Tsun Kung Fu

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Class Description


This class will first explore the basic movements and body mechanics of the Wing Tsun system such as foot work, ground maneuvers, and power generation. Afterward some of system’s forms will be introduced. An emphasis on the philosophies of the art will also be incorporated into the class training.


Class Requirements


Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed by a woman named Yim Wing Chun and therefore delineates an all inclusive physical philosophy because of the general association that the body of a woman is “smaller” and “weaker”. However a feminine physical disposition in Wing Chun is quite beneficial to the practitioner as it is more easily able to receive force and power and use and redirect it accordingly.
That being said, the only requirement is to come exactly as you are!


Class Supplies


Comfortable clothing that will allow for optimal movement.


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