Introductory Web Design and Development

Introductory Web Design and Development

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Class Description


Have you ever wanted to build your own website? Discover the fundamentals of web design as we delve into the coding world of HTML, CSS, and how they come together! Together we will build a functional website and you will be challenged to build your own website design. Let’s get started!


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Computer (Mac or PC)
Text Editor (Notes, Brackets, or TextEdit)
Internet Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc)



Do I need to buy hosting?

No! There will be no hosting required, but you will learn the in’s and out’s of how to put your website on a hosting platform.

Do I need to buy any software?

No. There are free text editors available! I recommend Brackets as it is available on both PC and Mac. It is also what I will be using to teach the class.

Is there an additional class to learn more?

There will be one coming very soon!

No Schedules Currently Available.