Virtual Assistant Training – Everything You Need to Succeed as a VA

Virtual Assistant Training – Everything You Need to Succeed as a VA

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Remote Work
Virtual Assistants are completely remote. You will never, ever have to walk into an office again.
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Flexible Schedule
Life is busy and no one wants to fight the traffic and grocery stores on a Saturday afternoon. You won’t have to anymore. As a VA, you make your own schedule. That means you do what you want when you want to.


Work Life Balance
We should never have to choose between our family and our work. As a Virtual Assistant, you won’t have to. You can pick your kids up from school or better yet, meet them for lunch. Being a Virtual Assistant is much more than a career change, it’s a refreshing change for you and your family.




A Day in the Life of a VA
We will jump right in and explore the world of Virtual Assistants! We’ll go over what the course will achieve, and you’ll get a foolproof recipe for becoming a successful VA.


Time Management & Organization
Welcome to the ultimate guide to being a top-notch VA! We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details of mastering time management, handling tricky clients, and running their inboxes and calendars like a boss. Plus, we’ll explore what it takes to be a true leader in the VA world. Get ready to level up your VA game!


Skills & Technical Development
Get ready to level up your skill set with our action-packed training course! We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of all the technical tools you’ll need to be a top-notch virtual assistant. Get ready for a hands-on adventure where you’ll conquer CRMs, Canva, Outlook, Google, and more!


Training into Action!
Welcome to the ultimate showdown, where your new knowledge will finally get a chance to shine! This is where you’ll put your skills to the test with exciting tasks and even some fun role-playing. Get ready to unleash your inner superhero!


Resume and Interview Coaching
I’m not just a VA trainer, I’m an ace career coach! I’ll help you whip up a resume that sparkles like sunshine, and coach you on how to smash interviews out of the park! Let’s get you that dream job!


This course is the perfect fit for anyone looking to conquer the virtual assistant world.


Class Requirements


You will need to schedule about 3 hours a week for the online training course and any other tasks that I assign to be completed before the next lesson.


Class Supplies


A computer or laptop with internet is required.



Do you offer one-on-one courses?

Yes! Based on the needs of my student, I will schedule time to assist them with specific programs or questions that they may have.

How long is your course?

My course is usually 1.5 hours long and usually lasts 6-8 weeks.

Will I get a virtual assistant job after your job?

I cannot guarantee that you will get a position as a virtual assistant right away, but I can guarantee that my training course will provide you with everything you need to succeed as a VA.

No Schedules Currently Available.