Video Scrapbooking

Video Scrapbooking

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Class Description


Video Scrapbooking is a live and lively two-hour seminar where you will learn how to convert your old photos, slides, movies and VCR tapes to digital files. Also, learn how to prepare and share your memories with relatives near and far with a few clicks of the mouse button.


Class Requirements


No prerequisite. However, a basic knowledge of computers is helpful. We demonstrate many procedures using Windows 10 and Android Smartphones. Most everything discussed can be applied to iPhones and Apple computers.


Class Supplies


Collect the media (films, tapes, photos and slides) you wish to convert. Type out questions you would like to have answered. I will have a Facebook live page where you can submit photos and questions/comments.



Can anyone convert a video cassette to digital files?

Answer: You can if you have the original camcorder with its power adapter and output connectors, a desktop or laptop computer, a video capture interface and a program to receive the analog files. I will demonstrate how you can do this.

How can I archive photos if I don't have a scanner?

I will demonstrate how to do this with your smartphone and store the items without paying for extra storage.

Can I convert 8mm home movie film to digital files?

I will demonstrate a DIY solution, but in many cases, it is best to let a professional handle this task. I will tell you why and where you might have this done.

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