How to Get The Relationship You Really Want

How to Get The Relationship You Really Want

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Class Description


Are you stuck in a dating rut or feeling like you are at the stage of ‘dating burnout’? Perhaps you even feel that everyone else BUT you seems to be in a happy, great relationship and you have all the bad luck. Or maybe you have recognized the fact you’ve been repeating patterns in dating or relationships that simply don’t work for you, time and time again.


I’m here to tell you that this can entirely change (literally in a day) because you decided to make a new choice. No, it’s not a cliche! You don’t have to spend the next year or two of your life with the same experiences you’ve had in the past two years. If thousands of others can find their most amazing relationship by applying a similar method, so can you! It’s time to break out of this rut, and YES it IS A CHOICE!


In this extensive small group coaching, we will identify what our biggest setbacks are, take an honest look at what role we have played in it, and outline a clear strategy on how to entirely shift our outcomes for relationship success. This class is specifically geared to motivated individuals who want to empower themselves and through this class will discover that we truly have the power to find the relationship we really want and truly deserve.


Class Requirements


Must be 21 or older.


Class Supplies


Recommended: Notepad, pen.


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