The First World War in 60 minutes

The First World War in 60 minutes

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The First World War can sometimes seem like a baffling period of history – its length, its scale, and its seemingly endless casualty lists can make it feel overwhelming. On top of that, it is often seen as a futile conflict, in which bungling commanders many miles behind the front lines sent ordinary soldiers to their deaths in wave after wave of repetitive offensives.


In this talk, we will go behind the "myths" of the First World War and look at the reality of what happened. Focussing on the Western Front in France and Belgium, where most British and American soldiers fought, Simon will explore some key moments in this conflict, and shed light on both the political and human impact of what came to be known as The Great War.


Richly illustrated with photos both from the conflict, and of the battlefields as they look today, this talk will start to unpack the reality of the war as it was fought, and bring the human stories behind the statistics to life.


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