The Art of Creating Comics

The Art of Creating Comics

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Class Description


You will effectively learn how to create your very first comic book! You will learn how to create your own character, story, layout, and the basics of telling a proper visual narrative.


This course is broken up into three, two hour sessions:


First Session:


Create your character from beginning to end. Complete with basic statistics, back-story, motivations, and costume.


Work out a rough script, some general idea of what your character will deal with. We can give your character a real challenge!


Second Session:


We will go over the script


Learn the key elements to producing your own visual narrative. Applying different camera angles, mood, setting, and more.


Third Session:


We finish the line work, and share our final product with the class.


You will now have your own “Ashcan”, which can even be submitted to comic companies, if you so desire.


Class Requirements


It does not matter if this is your first time picking up a pencil, or a professional illustrator who wants to branch into the world of comics, this class is meant for you.


Class Supplies


A good pencil (HB or F is preferable, though 2B will work fine.)
A good eraser (one that does not leave red marks)
9×12 or 11×17 or larger paper. (You can buy those at any art supply store)
A 12inch ruler (at least)
A T-Square or Triangle (it’s ok if you don’t, you will survive)
A pen


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