The Art of Chess

The Art of Chess

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Class Description


Our class will focus on teaching beginners and those who don’t yet know chess, taking them to a more advanced level in quick succession. More advanced players up to the 1300-1400 level can benefit and learn as well, and are able to gain insights and more experience.


Classes will cover all aspects of the ancient and ever new game of chess, from the history and origins, to the significance of chess in daily life, to the many ins and outs of the game that keeps on inspiring! We will play and learn together, and by the end of our classes you will feel confident playing chess and will appreciate it in ways you never knew.


Class Requirements


Complete beginner to more advanced player, up to 1300-1400+ rating.


Class Supplies


Chess board and pieces are recommended, ability to play on chess websites such as Sparkchess.



Who is the class for? Who an join this class?

Focuses on complete beginners, to those who know a little bit, and to those more advanced players who want to sharpen their game, this chess class is for anyone who wants to learn and stay sharp!

Can I learn without my own chess board?

Yes, we will be sharing screens and using chess software to learn together, and we will use free websites such as Sparkchess to play and learn through experience.

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