The Alber Method: The Art of Jazz Arranging

The Alber Method: The Art of Jazz Arranging

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Class Description


Have you ever wanted to learn how to take a melody and arrange it into a piece of music that’s ready to be played by a band? We hear music everyday that feels full and complete. Whether it’s Gil Evans arranging for Miles Davis or Billy Strayhorn arranging for the Duke Ellington Orchestra, these musicians show us that even the simplest of melodies can be turned into the grandest pieces of music.


This class is geared towards teaching a step-by-step process for arranging a piece of music from start to finish. We will be looking at actual scores of music by Gil Evans, Billy Strayhorn and Jim McNeely and learning the art of arranging. By the end of the class, you will have arranged a complete piece of music that will be ready to be performed by musicians.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Music Manuscript Paper
Music Notation Software (Sibelius, MuseScore, Finale, etc.)



How much music theory do I need to know to take this class?

Throughout the class, music theory as it directly applies to topics of arranging will be explained through different examples.

If I am interested in arranging music in different genres other than Jazz, will the topics covered in this class be able to be applied towards arranging music in other genres?

Yes, the topics we will cover in this class will provide a solid foundation and workflow in arranging music of all genres.

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