Taco Tuesdays with John

Taco Tuesdays with John

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Class Description


Join me every Tuesday while I teach you how to make tacos from scratch! Each week we will cover 2 versions of each component, e.g. 2 types of tortillas, 2 types of salsa, etc., plus I’ll teach you how to use the different toppings so you can mix them to your taste. Couples welcome.


The first class will include a skills test, safety and sanitation procedures, and discussion about recommended tools. The final class will be 2 hours in length and combine all the skills you learned over the previous month. Alcohol will be used as part of some recipes so there will be a minimum age of 21.


Class Requirements


Minimum age of 21


Class Supplies


Various ingredients
Chef’s knife
Silicone spatula or wooden mixing spoon
Mixing bowls
Rolling pin
Cutting board
3 qt (or larger) saucepot
Large skillet
Large rimmed baking sheet or casserole dish
Oven and range
Plastic wrap


Vegetable peeler
Spice grinder or mortar and pestle
Blender or food processor
Citrus juicer



What ingredients do I need?

An ingredient list will be emailed out after each weeks lesson with the necessary ingredients for the following week.


For the first lesson you will need:
1 russet potato
1 red, yellow, or brown onion
1 large carrot

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