(STAGES) Acting / Singing For Musical Theater Stage

(STAGES) Acting / Singing For Musical Theater Stage

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Class Description


It’s Time To Fall In Love or Fall Back In Love With The Musical Theater!!! Welcome to (STAGES), A musical theater class that is great for both beginners and intermediate singers and actors who want to strengthen their skills in the arena of on stage performance for theater. When you train in the musical theater you develop a well rounded foundation that will prove to be beneficial to you in multiple performance mediums. During our STAGES sessions, you will not only receive training for voice and acting but we will do actual in class performances. Yes, you will have some homework assignments. This helps you to really hone your crafts and build a sense of on stage security. The instructor creates a very positive and supportive develop space for each student. All Students Grow Together Stage By Stage!


Class Requirements


1)Positive and Supportive Attitude
(No Experience Needed)


Class Supplies


1)Always have a pencil and notepad for notes
2)Space to move (Theatrical Movement/Blocking)
3)Comfortable Clothes
4)Good Lighting (So Instructor Can See Facial Expressions and Actions)



What songs will we sing in class?

The songs that we will work on during class will come from well known Broadway shows.

How Will students get the lyrics to the songs we will sing.

The lyrics will be emailed to each students. Links for the music accompaniment will also be sent via email.

No Schedules Currently Available.