Songwriting and Music Production 101

Songwriting and Music Production 101

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Class Description


From concept to execution, we will take your musical ideas, develop them, and produce a professionally polished song. You will leave this class with the skills and knowledge to write and produce music for yourself. Our musical journey is outlined below.


*Finding your voice/style
*Song Structure
*Basic music theory
*Applying theory to project
*Digital audio workstation (DAW)
*Creating and editing your project
*Mixing basics
*Marketing and publishing


Class Requirements


A creative and open mindset
Experience with an instrument is a plus (guitar, piano, etc.)
Access to a computer with a DAW (Garageband or Logic preferable)


Class Supplies


A midi-keyboard or acoustic instrument with a mic or other input option.



Will I actually be able to learn all of this in 8 weeks?

The goal is to give you the tools to create and produce music on your own. The tools are the foundation; a door for you to continue your musical evolution.

How can I ensure success in this course?

Complete all small exercises and practice as much as time permits outside of class.

How well do I need to know an instrument? (Guitar, Piano, etc.)

We will cover music theory basics and chord structure, but the more experience you have with an instrument the faster you will be able to create and produce music.

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