Realism in Acting

Realism in Acting

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Class Description


A class for beginners about the history of acting and how we fit in it. Each one of us is capable of great work, we build that craft by proper reverence for the history and building the confidence that us, as we are, are more than capable.


Class Requirements


Be Hones/ Be Curious


Class Supplies


A Monologue of your choosing. Any Medium.


A Stage play containing a character you believe you could play well.


A Dolls House- Henrik Ibsen
The Motherf*cker with the Hat-Steven Adly Guirgis



Will there be Homework?

Yes, but the investigative sort. Acting is one of the only professions where your homework is too watch more TV!

Will we study breaking in to the industry?

That’ll be part of it. Acting is fickle, there’s rarely a laid out ‘career track,’ but there are certainly ways to forge a life.

Will I have to Memorize lines?

Yes! Sometimes same day!

Will there be Improvisation?

Big time, the ability to think on your feet is quite possibly the most important muscle to build.

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