Quran-e-Pak (with Translation)

Quran-e-Pak (with Translation)

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Class Description


Quran-e-Pak with translation is useful for religious, mundane as well as Duniya.


Class Requirements


For Live online classes require specific software such as Google Meet or Skype. To access this service you need to download and register which is sometimes annoying. Besides, you don’t have the right tools for a proper lesson and it’s quite tedious when it comes to sharing documents.


Class Supplies





Question 1 What you will study?

Answer 1 Quran-e-Pak with translation.

Question 2 Is this class specifically for Muslim students?

Answer 2 Yes, this class specifically for Muslim students, but if our organization (LCO) allow any other than Muslim student we will teach them.

Question 3 Teaching Language?

Answer 3 Arabic, English, Urdu & Punjabi is the mode of instruction during lectures according to the requirement and types of students.

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