public speaking, entrepreneurship

public speaking, entrepreneurship

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Class Description


For course descriptions, please check out the schedule below.
This course will teach you how to develop speeches, connect them to your dream, and present them in a formal business plan/pitch deck—acquired by the correct attire. This class will be more than just looking at a screen and someone talking, but it will be interactive on every level. Please review the weekly schedule below.


Week 1

April 04, 2022- Monday
• Introduction on how to write an essay/speech.

April 05, 2022-Tuesday
• How to present a Speech and identify your audience.
• How to dress appropriately for your audience.

April 06, 2002-Wednesday
• How to read the body language of a public audience.

April 07, 2022- Thursday
• Review of Monday -Wednesday.
• Creation of outline for test on Friday.

April 08,2022-Friday
• Submission of weekly Test.
• Class review discussion.
• Assignment of homework.
• (Homework: Students must write an essay to present in class on Monday. Students must also dress according to the type of audience their speech would be addressed to.)


Week 2

April 11, 2022- Monday
• Presentation of Speeches /Presentation of Attire.
• (Attendance required).

April 12, 2022-Tuesday
• Introduction to understanding your dreams and purpose.
• Connecting your dream and purpose to entrepreneurship.

April 13, 2022-Wednesday
• Developing an essay/speech connected to your dreams and purpose.
• Conducting research to a feasible and realistic dream and formulating an essay.

April 14,2022-Thursday
• Review of Monday-Thursday.
• Creation of outline for weekly Test on Friday.

April 15,2022-Friday
• Submission of weekly Test.
• Class review discussion.
• Assignment of Homework.
• (Homework: Write a speech connected to your dream but must introduce it as a business idea. Everyone must dress for their speech on Monday.)


Week 3

April 18,2022-Monday
• Presentation of Speeches.
• Presentation of Attire.

April 19,2022-Tuesday
• Introduction to Turning your dream/idea into a small summary business plan.
• Understanding a business plan and its subsections

April 20, 2022-Wednesday
• Developing small summary business plans for your dreams/business idea.
• Understanding how to identify and research the industry that matches your dream/business idea.

April 21, 2022-Thursday
• Review of Monday-Thursday.
• Creation of outline for Friday Test.

April 22,2022-Friday
• Submission of weekly Test.
• Class review Discussion.
• Assignment of Homework (Homework: Develop an official small business plan for your dream/business idea.)


Week 4

April 25,2022-Monday
• Introduction to developing a pitch deck.
• Breakdown of your small summary business plan into a presentation slide.

April 26, 2022-Tuesday
• Group discussion of individual projects and class co-working and help.

April 27, 2022-Wednesday
• Discussion of the final exam (Developing a speech and pitch deck presentation of your dream/business idea to present in your correct attire)

April 28, 2022-Thursday
• First day of presentations (Attendance Required)

April 29,2022-Friday
• Final day of presentations.
• Lectures summary speech, of course.




Class Requirements


Open mind


Class Supplies


-PowerPoint software
-Microsoft Word/ or writing program


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