Portuguese language & Brazilian culture

Portuguese language & Brazilian culture

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This course covers interesting, relevant content related to contemporary Brazilian culture. That is integrated into into a Portuguese language course that contemplates important grammatical structure related to coherent sentence building. These are practical conversation classes that also cover verb conjugation. We use quick, practical grammar exercises combined with short, entertaining youtube clips illustrating particular topics covered in class. Visual props, such as youtube clips, images and even mimics and gestures are a significant aspect of this course since a major part of language acquisition derives from visual stimuli.


I highly recommend that students who take this course, plan for a future trip to Brazil. As a tour guide residing in Salvador, Bahia, I have insight to the best beaches and natural landscapes in my city and around my country. Students of all levels are welcome: from beginners to advanced speakers. Academic researchers who seek a partner willing to help out in their field of study are also welcome. This is a flexible language course, to accommodate your needs.


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Varies. (Please refer to FAQ).



I am visiting Brazil in the future and I want tourist-oriented Portuguese language skills and practical insights into how to get around. Do you offer that?

I strongly encourage students taking this course to plan for a future visit to Salvador, Bahia (in Brazil), where I live and have the best advice on beaches and natural landscapes in the outskirts of the city. If you are visiting other regions in Brazil, I am more than happy to customize a course that focuses on that region and in Portuguese speaking skills for traveling.

What levels do you teach?

Students of all levels are welcome: from beginners to intermediate to advanced speakers.

I am an academic scholar/ researcher and I need assistance with my area of study as it relates to Brazil and/or the Portuguese language. Do you offer that kind of help?

As an academic myself, I have plenty of experience with editing papers, coaching oral presentations, or simply conducting a course with a focus on a particular topic related to the Portuguese language and/or Brazil. Whether you are an infectious disease doctor who is preparing for a seminar or an academic scholar who wants to review texts about XVI century African diaspora of enslaved people in my country, I am here to help you.

What class supplies are required?

Since I customize the course according to your level and your needs, I might suggest the acquisition of a particular book that can be purchased on Amazon.

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