Poetry for Self Reflection

Poetry for Self Reflection

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Class Description


Poetry is passion! It can be used to reflect on ourselves and the world around us. At times it gets hard to find a space to do so, especially during the current pandemic. I hope to teach you all to create this space no matter where you are and what is going on outside. In this course we not only will be reading and analyzing our own poems but that of others, this way we can build a community of poets. Even though each week will have a focus theme, there will always be room for creativity.


Other perks from this class


-access to classroom drive and folder
-personalized feedback
-community of poets
-free ebooks on poetry


This is class is also great for couples!


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Access to a device to take photos or a device to type things up into a document.



Do I need any experience?

No–this class is for beginning or intermediate poets!

No Schedules Currently Available.