Photo/Video for Soccer Moms and Dads

Photo/Video for Soccer Moms and Dads

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Class Description


Our kids are into sports, music, cheerleading… all sorts of different activities, and we want to capture those moments. Where a son crossing the finish line after running the 100 yard dash or a daughter as she speeds down the runway to a high flying vault, we want to keep those memories.


In this class your instructors will take you from helping to decide what camera is best for you, to shooting video and easily editing it, and everything in between. We’ll cover cameras, camera settings, lenses, post-production and more.


After completing this class, you will have the basic tools to confidently make images and expand upon the knowledge gained.


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Do I need a camera to take this class

NO. We will cover selecting a camera to purchase for shooting at your children’s events.

I already have a camera... is that a problem

Not at all. Much of what we cover will be easier understood if you do already have a camera, but if you don’t yet, you might want to wait till after our first class.

Will this class be good if I only have a point and shoot?

Many parts of this class would cover any type of camera including smartphones, but it is designed for someone a little more serious about great pictures. A point and shoot is better than a smart phone. A point and shoot with full manual controls better still. Our "focus" is on taking really excellent images, so our talk will cover and feature interchangeable lens cameras… DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Will you be covering camcorders

Not really. Much of what we will teach will be applicable, but as our primary goal is taking great images of our kids in activities, and camcorders generally don’t do good stills, we will stay with the cameras described above.

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