Pythagorean Numerology For Beginners

Pythagorean Numerology For Beginners

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Class Description


This is a class for absolute beginners that focuses on the basics of Numbers’ meanings, nuances, and compatibility.


This class spans over 4 weekends, from 3 to 430 pm ET, Either Saturday,or Sunday. Or both days depending on how many students I have


This class will use celebrities’ dates of birth and names mainly to help you grasp the Numbers’ cosmic inner workings easily.


Class Requirements


Have a good intuition level or willing to develop it. Be seriously interested in esoterica and Pythagoras


Class Supplies


Feel free to bring any books about Numerology.



Will I be able to understand a numerology chart after taking you class

Yes the basics and how to interprete the vibratory relationship between the date of birth and the name

No Schedules Currently Available.