*Move & Groove*

*Move & Groove*

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Class Description


Hi! Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Tausha and I am excited to share with you my love for dance, creative movement, and expression.


My classes are called Move&Groove and they will be focused on introducing or continuing a student’s love for dance and free movement. This class offers a chance to learn choreography, dance to great songs, to be creative in your own movement, while having fun and getting the exercise your body needs.


Whether you just started dancing or whether you are seasoned, these classes are for you!!!


Class Requirements


-A good attitude!


Class Supplies


-A bottle of water
-A place to dance/move



Who are these classes for?

Any adult, regardless of level, can take this class and have fun.

Is the choreography difficult to learn?

Not at all! I teach in a way that makes it easy for the beginner and seasoned dancer to learn.

What is this class about?

This class is focused on 3 things:
1. Having fun while moving your body.
2. Challenging yourself to learn something new.
3. Showing each student that everybody can move and dance in their own creative and unique way.

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