Make A Life

Make A Life

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It doesn’t make sense that during our entire education we are never taught how to really make a life.


Are you reaching your full potential? Who would want to live life without passionately pursuing their potential?


Do you have a life mission? Do you realize that if you are not living by purpose, you are living by accident?


Do you have a life strategy – clear understanding of who and where you are and where you want to go, with goals and plans to help you get there? Who would want to live life without goals and a strategy? How far could they get without them?


Do you have a fully developed financial plan with a legal will, full protection, savings, wealth building, retirement and estate planning? How can anyone be successful without a financial strategy? How can they afford to live and then retire without one? No one really can.


Are you the kind of person that life happens to, that watches others making their lives, or the kind that makes life happen?


What do you wake up for everyday? What do you live for every day? If you wake up every day, working hard “just trying to make it”, but aren’t even sure what “it” is. Then it’s time for a change, and this course is for you!


If you want to really make a living and truly make a life, then this Life Development Course is perfect for you.


Class Requirements


A willingness to honestly assess your life and do the hard needed to live an examined and intentional life. This course demands total dedication and a vital investment of time into YOUR LIFE – because in the end, who you are, who you become, and what you do with your one life is all that really matters. So, why not make the decision and investment of time to Make Your Life this year? Let’s begin with a simple life evaluation:


Make a Life – Evaluation Questions


✓ Have you figured out who you want to be when you
grow up – who you were uniquely created to be?


✓ Do you have a clear Life Mission Statement and
purpose that you wake up for every day?


✓ Do you have clear Life Values and Vision
Statements and Strategic Plan – life path with goals
and plans, knowing where you really are, where you
want to go, and how to get there?


✓ Do you have a fully developed financial strategy
with plans to support your life mission and vision?


✓ Are you reaching your full God-given potential or at
least passionately progressing towards reaching it?


✓ Are you consistently living in the moment, or are you mostly stuck in the rut of reducing the present moments to the means of trying to get somewhere in the future?


✓ Do you really want to keep living the way you have been for the rest of your life?


► If you answered “no” to most of these questions, It’s
an indication that you are stuck in survival mode. Would
you like to rise above the mediocrity of the masses to truly Make A Life! It’s time to invest some time in making your life what it’s meant to be. Let’s get started!


✓ So, what are you willing to do to make a real life?


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Make A Life – Life Building Workbook



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